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My name is Jiavona Marques and I am a published southern California raised photographer, currently based in San Francisco. My work consists of fashion and editorial content that asks the viewer to think about what they are viewing. I find inspiration from music, movies, and the state of the altering world around me. I began creating images of people at the age of four and have not stopped since.

Notorious for contrasting unmistakable softness and grace with modern concepts that make you question the daily norm, I tell stories through fashion photography in a rousing manner. Inspired by the erotic and the intriguing, I capture the rawness of femininity that is often lost in high fashion. 

When I’m not trying to keep most of my sanity, sleeping my days away, or perusing the current fashion trends, you can find me ten aisles deep at the grocery store with my dog Mehmet or watching medical shows that make my roommates anxious.